Yankee Pedlar Inn - Torrington, CT, 06790, United States
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The Innkeepers was filmed entirely at the Yankee Pedlar Inn by Ti West, starring Sara Paxton and Pat Healy.  

He [Ti West] takes his unlucky couple of innkeepers seriously: He gives them living, breathing personalities, independent of their relationship with the house ghoul. -EW.com

West and lenser Eliot Rockett deserve considerable credit for being able to generate suspense and occasionally spring scares without relying on familiar haunted-house atmospherics. – Variety

Do you like good horror? If you do then you probably know that Ti West is making some of the best genre jams of the last few years. -CultureMob

“..West’s slow-sidling haunted-house movies work. He understands the kidding way that his audience approaches horror and seems to play along with that jokey imperviousness—until rudely tearing up the all-in-good-fun contract, gouging us with actual pain.” -Village Voice

The Innkeeper – Movie Trailer

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Yankee Pedlar Inn
93 Main Street
Torrington, CT, 06790, United States
Call: 866-484-8247 | 860-489-9226


Welcome to the beautiful Yankee Pedlar Inn and step back to the charm and gracious warmth of 100 years. The Inn was originally built by Frank and Alice Conley to the highest standards of the time. Upon its opening in 1891, there was no other inn throughout the state to rival its style and grandeur. Today, the inn is comprised of 60 individual rooms with private baths and two suites…