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The Innkeepers was filmed entirely at the Yankee Pedlar Inn by Ti West, starring Sara Paxton and Pat Healy.  

He [Ti West] takes his unlucky couple of innkeepers seriously: He gives them living, breathing personalities, independent of their relationship with the house ghoul. -EW.com

West and lenser Eliot Rockett deserve considerable credit for being able to generate suspense and occasionally spring scares without relying on familiar haunted-house atmospherics. – Variety

Do you like good horror? If you do then you probably know that Ti West is making some of the best genre jams of the last few years. -CultureMob

“..West’s slow-sidling haunted-house movies work. He understands the kidding way that his audience approaches horror and seems to play along with that jokey imperviousness—until rudely tearing up the all-in-good-fun contract, gouging us with actual pain.” -Village Voice

The Innkeeper – Movie Trailer

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